Setting goals and objectives that can be accurately measured in granular detail with KPIs and metrics is a vital part of email marketing. Overarching goals are the cornerstone of an effective email strategy, from which objectives, tactics and metrics must be aligned.

Measuring the performance of campaigns and establishing a detailed reporting process allows brands to determine how well their email marketing goals are being achieved.

This guide, part of Econsultancy’s Email Marketing Best Practice bundle, explains how to identify the right metrics for different goals and objectives, and it provides advice on measuring email campaigns effectively. The report covers:

  • Email metrics and KPIs: Different goals require different sets of metrics. What are the key metrics that measure email performance, and how can these be aligned with higher-level strategy objectives?
  • Measurement beyond email: Email campaigns can have a ripple effect across other channels. What three metrics help determine whether email campaigns are supporting broader business initiatives?
  • Attribution: Due to this ‘nudge effect’, attribution can be a challenge, so marketers are encouraged to measure customers, not just campaigns. How can marketers ensure they are not undervaluing email’s contribution?
  • Reporting: Reporting is a key responsibility for email marketers but can be hard to get right. What items should be included in an email marketing report, and what tools can help marketers provide a full picture on performance?