Transform your team's capabilities with a tailored Learning Academy

Our Academies are training programmes designed specifically for your organisation to radically upskill your team, bringing transformational results.

We can work closely with you to craft a bespoke Learning Academy that will help you to:

  • Boost your team’s skills in marketing, digital marketing or ecommerce in a cost-effective way
  • Develop a programme that reflects your unique ways of working that feels tailored to you
  • Build your reputation as an employer of choice, making you a magnet for top talent

Our Academies are proven to deliver value


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Don’t just take our word for it

“We have worked closely with Econsultancy on the Digital Commerce Accelerator Programme since 2019. The team are responsive, good under pressure and it has been great to work with a partner who is willing to adapt to the unique demands of our organisation. ​

The Digital Commerce programme is held up as an example of best in class learning within our organisation.”

Alison McCue​
Global Learning ​ & Dev’t Lead, Digital Commerce

“Following a rigorous selection process, we chose Econsultancy to develop our Global Digital Marketing Learning Program, and we’re glad we did because our relationship has been fantastic!​

The team view our partnership as long-term, they are flexible to our needs, we feel listened to, and they provide us with options that benefit our people and business in the long run.”

Costas Vlahos
​Head of Brands & Marketing, Global Academy Lead

“Sky’s start of season campaign is the sort of bold work that the business is investing in, off the back of our Marketing Excellence programme delivered in partnership with Econsultancy.​

The Marketing Excellence programme won the 2023 Employee Engagement & Experience Award at ‘The Marketing Society Awards’ ”

Dave Stratton​
Marketing Director Sky Cinema & Sky Sports

We’ll work alongside you to deliver transformation

Empower your team with a future-poof curriculum, designed hand-in-hand with your internal subject matter experts. We will help you to define a learning experience that works for your business, building training content across:

  • Digital marketing
  • Ecommerce
  • Data and Analytics
  • Customer Experience
  • AI in Marketing
  • Marketing


Example Curriculums & Lesson library you can choose from

Frequently Asked Questions

Digital Marketing curriculum

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
      • Lesson: The Modern Marketing Mindset
      • Lesson: Golden rules for Digital Planning
      • Lesson: What is Brand Purpose?
      • Lesson: How has Distribution changed?
      • Lesson: Customer-backwards thinking
  • Customer Experience
      • Lesson: What is Customer Experience (CX)?
      • Lesson: Where we are with Customer Experience?
      • Lesson: What is Omnichannel?
      • Lesson: Benefits and Barriers of Omnichannel
      • Lesson: Customer Journey and Channel Selection
      • Lesson: Generating and using Personas
      • Lesson: User Experience (UX) Fundamentals
  • Digital Advertising
      • Lesson: What is Digital Advertising?
      • Lesson: How Digital Advertising works
      • Lesson: Display Creative and Video Essentials
      • Lesson: Native and Paid Essentials
      • Lesson: Digital Media Planning
      • Lesson: Introducing Programmatic
  • Content and CRM
      • Lesson: Understanding the context of Content
      • Lesson: Content Marketing Fundamentals
      • Lesson: Introduction to Content Strategy
      • Lesson: What is CRM and why do you need it?
      • Lesson: Planning Email Marketing
      • Lesson: Marketing Automation
  • Search Engine Marketing
      • Lesson: Introducing SEM
      • Lesson: Fundamentals of SEO
      • Lesson: Fundamentals of PPC
      • Lesson: Key ingredients for SEM success
  • Omnichannel
      • Lesson: The Omnichannel P2P
      • Lesson: Frameworks for Omnichannel
      • Lesson: Online Merchandising Principles
      • Lesson: Omnichannel Commerce
      • Lesson: Succeeding through Partners
      • Lesson: Third party Marketplaces

Marketing curriculum

  • Customer Insight
      • Lesson: Ways to understand your Customers
      • Lesson: Information versus Insight
      • Lesson: Generating and using Personas
      • Lesson: Creating and judging an Insight
  • Strategy and Planning
      • Lesson: Brand Portfolio Strategy
      • Lesson: Brand Positioning
      • Lesson: Laws of Growth
      • Lesson: Brand Planning
      • Lesson: Customer Journey and Channel selection
  • Briefs and Briefing
      • Lesson: The importance of the Brief
      • Lesson: Best Practice examples of great Briefs
      • Lesson: How to write a tight Brief
      • Lesson: How to deliver an inspiring Brief for Agency partners
  • Creative Judgement and giving Feedback
      • Lesson: The power of Creativity
      • Lesson: Separating the Idea from the Execution
      • Lesson: How to assess Ideas
      • Lesson: How to formulate and deliver constructive Feedback
  • Brand Building and Activation
      • Lesson: The long and short of it
      • Lesson: Setting the right Communication Objectives
      • Lesson: Developing an Integrated Media Plan
      • Lesson: Effective Creative
  • Measurement and Activation
      • Lesson: The importance of Measurement
      • Lesson: Understanding the difference between Objectives and KPIs
      • Lesson: In-flight Optimisation
      • Lesson: Brand dashboards

Ecommerce curriculum

  • Ecommerce Strategy Fundamentals
      • Lesson: The Ecommerce formula for success: Visits x Conversion x Value
      • Lesson: Optimising Customer Acquisition
      • Lesson: Optimising Customer Retention and Loyalty
      • Lesson: Optimising the Digital Shelf Experience and Shopper Journey
      • Lesson: Maximizing Basket Size and AOV
  • Evolving Ecommerce
      • Lesson: In-store digital / Mobile Technology Integration
      • Lesson: Social and Conversational Commerce
      • Lesson: Retail Media
      • Lesson: AI in Ecommerce
      • Lesson: Sustainability in Ecommerce
  • Customer Centricity
      • Lesson: Developing a Data Strategy for Customer Centricity
      • Lesson: Collecting and storing Privacy compliant first-party Data
      • Lesson: Managing and maintaining first-party Data
      • Lesson: Mining and modelling first-party Data
      • Lesson: Applying and activating first-party Data for CX Personalisation
  • Digital Analytics and Measurement
      • Lesson: Installing and setting up Digital Analytics
      • Lesson: Tracking and reporting the right Metrics and KPIs
      • Lesson: Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)
      • Lesson: Attribution Modelling (in a post 3rd-party cookie world)
      • Lesson: From descriptive Analytics to prescriptive Analytics
  • Effective Leadership in the Digital Age
      • Lesson: Current leadership context and challenges
      • Lesson: Organisational culture in the Digital age
      • Lesson: The evolution of Leadership
      • Lesson: Required leadership qualities and skills
      • Lesson: Leadership style and roles
  • Agility and Innovation for Digital Experience
      • Lesson: The Agile Innovation Imperative
      • Lesson: Agile structures and resourcing
      • Lesson: Challenges in application
      • Lesson: The future of Agility and Innovation

Engage your team and drive lasting change

Our training approach is developed to foster long-lasting changes in the way your team works.

We believe that to be truly effective, learners need training that is convenient, cultural, connected and continuous.

We've developed and deployed blended learning academies for the world's leading companies

Awards and recognitions for our training programmes

Best use of Blended Learning – 2023

Best Learning Programme supporting a Business Strategy Transformation – 2023

Best advancement in Competencies and Skill Development – 2023