Exceptional user experiences are becoming vital to organisations looking to maintain a competitive edge. UX is no longer the core discipline of product developers and designers, all professionals within an organisation will need to consider the needs of the user in their decision making.

This report provides guidance on the key aspects of user experience and interaction design. It includes:

The expanding role of UX: how marketers and ecommerce professionals can adopt a UX mindset.
The benefits of UX: how improving the experience of users can help protect organisations against new entrants, and how to put together the right team.
The key principles of UX: how the principles of viability, consistency, predictability, friction and flow inform great product design, and how design thinking can instruct all decision making.
The key tools of UX: how to employ evaluative techniques and user testing methodologies to gather valuable feedback and optimise products.
UX in practice: how to design and prototype interfaces that are smooth and intuitive to use.