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Delivering ‘niche at scale’: A look at influencer marketing trends

As the impact of creators and online communities is seen in big brand campaigns, is influencer marketing set to challenge the idea of demographic and psychographic customer personas? We ask the experts about current trends, from AI to first-party data.

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Social Commerce Best Practice Guide

As social commerce continues to evolve, it has become an essential part of how many brands do business online. This best practice guide looks at developing a selling strategy across each of the major platforms, including influencer marketing and emerging trends within the space.

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Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide

 ‌ Econsultancy’s Social Media Advertising Best Practice Guide provides an overview of the major social media channels and the most pressing considerations for marketers looking to generate the most value from social media advertising.

Social strategy

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Social Media Strategy Best Practice Guide

A guide providing marketers with a framework for developing a social media strategy, summarising the main considerations including frameworks and models for connecting with audiences, successful strategies for integrating customer service into social media and the opportunities of social listening.

B2B Social Selling Strategy Best Practice Guide

A report providing a practical guide to creating a social selling strategy. It considers the three most effective social media platforms for B2B marketers and salespeople – LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – advising on how brands can best harness the unique potential of each.

Community Strategy Best Practice Guide

This guide outlines the many different ways online communities can bring value to an organisation and covers how to develop a strategy to ensure its success.


Webinar: Social Commerce - with Neil Perkin

Agenda Points:

– Social commerce strategy: developing a robust strategy to deliver objectives and build momentum, and ensuring that strategies are grounded in consumer understanding, effective channel selection and solid measurement

– Selling on the key platforms: setting up for success and optimising the opportunity for driving sales on the main social platforms

– Using influencer marketing in social commerce: understanding the role of influencer marketing through the customer journey, and how to utilise different models to deliver success

– Emerging models in social commerce: a look at the cutting edge of innovation in the area, and the new opportunities emerging from practices such as live and conversational commerce, social shopping, and in-app checkout

Snug CEO Rob Bridgman: social commerce is “the next wave of innovation in retail”

 ‌ The founder of the category-defining D2C sofa company discusses how the shift to ecommerce has forced companies to innovate, to find new ways to reach and interact with their customers.

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