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Evolution in Automotive: Sales models, software and subscriptions

In this edition of Digital Transformation Monthly, we take a close look at key stories that illustrate significant trends, from the rise of subscription models for both vehicle purchases and in-car transactions, to the woes facing disruptors in the used car space.

Chatting with cars: How the automotive industry is using conversational AI

Automotive brands and dealerships alike are using conversational AI across a variety of channels, from Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to their websites and even within cars. We take a look at some stand-out examples.

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A pale-skinned avatar with brown hair and glasses, wearing colourful pink, blue, purple and green clothing, hovers in front of a giant BMW iX which is floating at a slant. The two are suspended amidst a psychedelic landscape of strange shapes and jungle-like plants.

A metaverse reality check: What role for brands?

Many companies are eager to explore investments in the metaverse, but what is the best way to go about this? We conclude our three-part series, ‘A metaverse reality check’, by looking closely at the practical considerations behind metaverse investment, and consider what some major brands have been doing in this space.

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