Assess your team with the Digital Skills Index

Uncover the skills gaps within your team using our Digital Skills Index tool which tests 9 key topic areas . 

It’s powered by The Econsultancy Skills Taxonomy, which maps the universe of digital marketing and ecommerce skills and is the foundation for our skills assessment and learning design. 

The Assessment takes about 30 minutes  

Benchmark the capabilities in your organisation against 35,000 professionals

Benchmark your teams’ skills at an individual or organisational level, comparing results against others in your sector or geographies. Use these results to help identify your learning priorities.

Get learning recommendations, or structured learning plans

Once your team have taken the Digital Skills Index, everyone will get their own personal recommendations to further their learning. Or choose structured learning plans based on your organisation’s results.

Identify focus areas through stakeholder interviews

Overlay your organisation’s strategic priorities on to assessment results. Through interviews with key stakeholders in your business, we can help you to diagnose skills gaps that need the most attention and build a curriculum that fits your specific needs.